GEMA-RING-H – automatic stretch ring wrapping machine

    GEMA-RING-H – an automatic ring wrapping machine for packaging pallet cargos with a stretch film. It is integrated with existing devices and the packaging line.

    Technical data GEMA-RING-H

    capacity up to 80 pack/h
    rotary speed of the ring ~ 35 rpm
    power consumption 5 kW
    power supply 3 x 400 V, AC/50Hz, N,PE
    air supply 0,6 MPa
    driver Siemens S7
    operating temperature 0÷40°C
    producer’s guarantee and service

    Wrapping machine conveyor – example of the data

    height 900 mm
    width 900 mm
    rollers galvanized steel
    max. diameter 1400 mm
    height 600÷1200 mm
    weight 600÷800 mm
    min. length 1000 mm
    Wrapping parameters

    The parameters set in any of the programs:

      • the place of starting the wrapping process
      • the number of initial wrappers
      • a film-tuck on the pallet
      • the number of centre wrappers
      • the places of centre wrappers
      • the number of final wrappers
      • the parameters of film braking
      • the parameters of sealing the film
      • the rotational speed of the ring